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Holy Communion : First and Third Sundays
Sunday Worship : 10:30 a.m.
Sunday School : 9:00 a.m.

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Posted on Monday, March 20th
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March 26th

Worship : 10:30 am • Sunday School : 9 am
Special Congregational Meeting : 11:30 am

Humility is to the Christian what ballast is to the ship; it keeps one in their proper position and regulates all thoughts and feelings. — Archibald Alexander

1 Samuel 16:1-13 • Psalm 23:1-6 • Ephesians 5:8-14 • John 9:1-41

Faith Active Through Love
With Grace Unbounded
Thursday March 30th at 6 pm
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Summer Worship Time Vote
On Sunday, March 26th,

A special meeting will be held immediately following worship on the 26th to vote on a summer worship time. We will be voting either to change our worship time to 9 am or to keep worship at 10:30 am.

If we vote to move to 9 am, the new time will start on Sunday, June 1st and will end as of Rally Day in September.

Our Giving Tree
Starting Sunday, March 19th

The Giving Tree for March will collect snacks for the Berlin Library. Look for it when you come to worship.

Order Easter Lilies
by Sunday March 26th

Help us beautify our sanctuary with Lilies on Easter morning.

Five bloom plants are $10.00 each.
Please indicate on a note in an envelope:

• your name,
• the number of plants your wish,
• the name of the person(s) to honor (living),
• and/or remember (deceased),
• a check payable to "St John's Lutheran Church"

Please place your envelope in the offering plate by Sunday March 26th.

Youth Singing
 April 2nd at 10:30am

Our young people will once again be singing in worship on Sunday, April 2nd. Any young person is invited to participate, and we will practice in the sanctuary on Sundays at 9:45 am.

Young family,
Young adult event
On Sunday April 2nd at 4 pm

We will be having a movie night at St. John's! We will gather for the movie and popcorn at 4 PM on Sunday, April 2nd. Please feel free to bring games to play after the movie.

All young adults and young families are invited.

Midweek Lenten Worship
On Wednesdays at 7:00pm

Lent is a season of reflection and preparation leading us to the celebration of Easter. By observing the 40 days of Lent, we remember Jesus Christ's withdrawal into the desert for 40 days.

Each Wednesday in Lent will include a soup supper at 6 followed by worship at 7. Sign-up on the Welcome Table to provide food for these simple meals. Plan to join us for this special time of worship, fellowship, and faith.

Two Lenten Devotionals
Available to You

Please pick up one or both. They are on the Welcome Table.

It's never too late to begin your Lenten devotions.

Book Club
Beginning Tuesday May 16th

Our next Book Club will include other Sandusky Lutheran congregations. The topic? How to challenge our teens to DO HARD THINGS. Things like sharing the gospel with someone who needs it, like guiding them in the often difficult path of faith. As adults we will pray for them first, and then learn to pray with them. It's what Jesus told us to do, go and make disciples of all nations, which includes our children, grandchildren, or someone else's teen. The book we will read is DO HARD THINGS, by Alex and Brett Harris. Be ready to grow in your own faith as you help teens in their faith walk. Together we can reach the world.

We start on Tuesday May 16th, and will meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 6pm. We will gather at the Shore House Tavern, 306 W. Water St, in downtown Sandusky.

Please let Pastor Stacy know by April 10th if you'd like to order a book. We are also looking into finding childcare.

Prayer Chain
 A New Ministry

If need for prayer arises for someone in our congregation, please call Pastor Stacy who will pass the information on to the next person on the prayer chain. Please help determine what information should be shared with those on the phone chain, and with those on the email list. If Pastor Stacy is not available because of vacation, please call Kerry Laird. If you would like to be involved in the phone or email prayer list, please let Pastor Stacy know.

Quilt Material Needed
This Month

Our quilters have completed 45 quilts so far but the quilting group is in need of some cotton material, preferably dark colors, if available.

If you have some to contribute, please mark the items for the quilting project and place them in front of the cabinets on the west wall of the kitchen. Thanks! ~Kathleen Rudiger

Family Camp
June 30-July 2nd

People of all ages (0-100+) are invited to family camp June 30-July 2nd at Camp Mowana in Mansfield. Fun activities planned for the weekend are campfies, fireworks, family Bible study, meals together, and free time to explore the camp. A variety of cabins and air-conditioned lodging are available. There is a sign-up on the Welcome Table. Please tak to Pastor Stacy for additional information.

A Lamp Unto My Feet

Fri - Feb. 17 - Ecclesiastes 01:1-18 - Life is Useless
Sat - Feb. 18 - Ecclesiastes 02:1-26 - continues the theme of uselessness

Sun - Feb. 19 - Ecclesiastes 03:1-22 - A Time For Everything
Mon - Feb. 20 - Ecclesiastes 04:1-16 - Injustice in the World
Tue - Feb. 21 - Ecclesiastes 05:1-20 - Don’ t make Rash Promises
Wed - Feb. 22 - Ecclesiastes 06:1-12 - more of the same thoughts
Thu - Feb. 23 - Ecclesiastes 07:1-29 - Thoughts about Life
Fri - Feb. 24 - Ecclesiastes 08:1-17 - Obey The King
Sat - Feb. 25 - Ecclesiastes 09:1-18 - The Wicked and the Righteous

Sun - Feb. 26 - Ecclesiastes 10:1-20 - More of his pondering
Mon - Feb. 27 - Ecclesiastes 11:1-10 - What a Wise Man does
Tue - Feb. 28 - Ecclesiastes 12:1-14 - Summing it up
Wed - Mar. 01 - Joshua 01:1-18 - God tells Joshua to conquer Canaan
Thu - Mar. 02 - Joshua 02:1-24 - Joshua Sends Spies into Jericho
Fri - Mar, 03 - Joshua 03:1-17 - The People of Israel Cross the Jordan
Sat - Mar. 04 - Joshua 04:1-24 - Memorial Stones Are Set Up

Sun. - Mar. 05 - Joshua 05:1-15 - The Circumcision at Gilgal
Mon. - Mar. 06 - Joshua 06:1-27 - The Fall Of Jericho
Tue. - Mar. 07 - Joshua 07:1-26 - Achan‘s Sin
Wed. - Mar. 08 - Joshua 08:1-35 - The Capture and Destruction of Ai
Thu. - Mar. 09 - Joshua 09:1-27 - The Gibeonites Deceive Joshua
Fri. - Mar. 10 - Joshua 10:1-43 - The Amorites Are Defeated
Sat. - Mar. 11 - Joshua 11:1-23 - Joshua Defeats Jabin and His Allies

Sun. - Mar. 12 - Joshua 12:1-17 - The Kings Defeated by Moses
Mon. - Mar. 13 - Joshua 13:1-33 - The Land Still to be Taken
Tue. - Mar. 14 - Joshua 14:1-15 - The Division of Land West of Jordan
Wed. - Mar. 15 - Joshua 15:1-63 - The Territory Assigned to Judah
Thu. - Mar. 16 - Joshua 16:1-19 - The Territory Assigned to Ephraim
Fri. - Mar. 17 - Joshua 17:1-18 - West Manasseh
Sat. - Mar. 18 - Joshua 18:1-28 - The Division of the Rest of the Land

Sun. - Mar. 19 - Joshua 19:1-51 - The Territory Assigned to Simeon
Mon. - Mar. 20 - Joshua 20:1-09 - The Cities of Refuge
Tue. - Mar. 21 - Joshua 21:1-45 - The Cities of the Levites
Wed. - Mar. 22 - Joshua 22:1-34 - Joshua and the Eastern Tribes Home
Thu. - Mar. 23 - Joshua 23:1-16 - Joshua‘s Farewell Address
Fri. - Mar. 24 - Joshua 24:1-33 - Joshua Speaks to Schechem
Sat. - Mar. 25 Judges 01:1-36 - The Tribes of Judah and Simeon

Sun. - Mar. 26 - Judges 02:1-23 - The Angel of the Lord at Bochim
Mon. - Mar. 27 - Judges 03:1-31 - The Nations Remaining in the Land
Tue. - Mar. 28 - Judges 04:1-40 - Deborah and Barak
Wed. - Mar. 29 - Judges 05:1-31 - The Song of Deborah and Barak
Thu. - Mar. 30 - Judges 06:1-40 - Gideon
Fri. - Mar. 31 - Judges 07:1-25 - Gideon Defeats the Midianites

It doesn't happen often that inclement weather causes us to cancel Sunday worship, but it is wise for us to be prepared just in case. In the event the weather is frightful on a Sunday morning please check this website for the status of Sunday morning events. Status will be posted on the site by 8:00 am. Also, cancellations will be broadcast on 102.7 FM WCPZ and 96.1.

If there is a level 2 or 3 snow emergency for Erie County, all worship services and weekday church events will be cancelled. If you get the word about a worship cancellation, please help us pass the word by calling friends and relatives. The last thing we want is someone needlessly braving dangerous roads and then arriving to an icy parking lot and an empty sanctuary.

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